Proper Steps for Applying Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Colors

magnetic chalkboard paint colors

Using magnetic chalkboard paint colors on your house walls can give them an aesthetic and sophisticated look. Magnetic chalkboard paint reviews are mostly positive when applied properly and as directed. Applying magnetic chalkboard paint into a wall can give children the freedom to draw on them and add their own artistic touch. This is especially suitable for game rooms and kids’ rooms. Magnetic chalkboard paints are fun, functional, and stylish to use. Not only to children, but aesthetically, walls with magnetic chalkboard paint can be used for artists to add some hand-drawn art. Applying this is worth trying to add artistic value to your house.

Simply put, magnetic chalkboard paint is the kind of paint that turns house walls into a magnetic and chalkboard surface altogether. Those painted areas of a wall can be drawn on using chalk and also decorated using magnets. That can be done without having to damage wall surfaces. It’s commonly applied in play rooms or children’s bedrooms. That way, children can use them to draw instead of walls in formal areas of a house. Magnetic chalkboard paint comes in a single paint and another in two parts: one which is chalkboard paint and a magnetic paint.

Even for novice designers, applying magnetic chalkboard paint are a simple process. For those using separate chalkboard and magnetic paint, there are some steps to follow to finish the job. Firstly, prep the wall area that is expected to be painted by cleaning it. Then sand down every rough spots and fill in existing holes to finish paint job smoothly. Second, make use of masking tape or painters tape around space edges to be painted. Area is going to be determined through how much space wanted to provide for hanging and drawing things. Generally, people choose to mark off only a tiny section of a wall.

Doing a magnetic chalkboard paint job for children means that homeowners need to make sure the painted space is reachable for them. Next step is to start out using coat of magnetic primer or paint. Make sure to only use foam roller for painting purpose. For minimum, using two coats is enough, and then let each dry before applying more. Each coat applied will increase surface’s magnetism effect. When those magnetic coats have been entirely dried, repeat similar process using chalkboard paint. Same as before, applying two coats is commonly enough requirements. More coats are going to be needed if using chalkboard paint with lighter color.

Using magnetic paint Dulux is possible for this painting job. After painting has been finished completely, let it sit and cure for about three days long. Before using magnetic chalkboard paint colors for a first time, use a piece of chalk to color entire surface. Do it by dragging long side of that chalk piece across magnetic chalkboard paint surface. After that, take a dry worn cloth and erase chalk entirely. Then, use available wet sponge to wash an entire surface of magnetic chalkboard paint. After allowing it to dry, magnetic chalkboard paint is finally ready to use.

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