Contemporary Rustic Area Rugs for Modern Houses

Contemporary Rustic Area Rugs

Contemporary rustic area rugs are a great choice to improve a room’s appeal and impression. There are plenty of options for homeowners to choose according to preference. Shopping for them online is also a good alternative in case of difficulty to look for a store that sells one. Consulting with an interior design expert might be considerable to get the best advice. Large rustic area rugs can be useful to cover the flooring of a large room and comes in various designs. Through attached picture, it is possible to imply that a rustic rug can really complement a room’s tone.

It is best to look for a rustic rug that has a similar tone or color to a room’s wall paint. Homeowners may prefer cowhide rugs too. Rustic modern charcoal gray stripe rug is available for purchase at $1,080. This rustic area rug has brown, charcoal gray, and soft gray strips of authentic cowhide stitched into stripes. Its tonal colors display gorgeous natural variations, but although patterned, it’s still a solid neutral. This rug is incredibly great and versatile as well, it adds a touch of texture into any space. This rug is especially best to layer other rugs; its durability is also amazing.

Decorative area rugs such as home dynamix by Sumatra that is a combination of black and red is definitely a great option too. This round-shaped rug comes at a discounted price of only $81.99. Sumatra collection area rugs all have contemporary designs and bold colors. Those features can obviously complement any contemporary decoration and room. Since it’s carved with hand techniques, it adds even more depth and texture to its design. Round shapes can give a simple yet equally modern vibe to a floor. This are rug comes in the size of 5”2” round large and has positive reviews.

For homeowners that still doubt to try out applying an area rug, sample products can be purchased. For an example, Darla rustic modern diamond pane brown cowhide rug available for $40. This is a textural and graphic rug that is also a modern cowhide rug. Tonal ivory, brown, beige, and tan hair-on hide is all hand stitched. It has a geometric, well-shaped diamond pattern attached. Since it has natural tones, it makes for a great neutral in order to build a space around. Its pattern is also eye-catching and impressive to look at, adding a great shape into any room. Cowhide rugs are especially preferable for those looking for stain resistant and durable rugs.

Other contemporary rustic area rugs to choose is the ones that has hexagon shape. A sample of Ritu rustic modern hexagon gray ivory cowhide rug is on sale for $40. It is also a hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind modern cowhide rug. Its hexagon pattern is comprised of beige, gray, and ivory hide shades arranged together. Those colors are entirely subtle neutrals, which results in a mesmerizing effect to a space. This rug can bring distinctive style into any interiors of every taste. Have you thought about which one to buy?

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