Beautiful and Refreshing Tropical House Plants for Indoor

tropical house plants for Indoor

Talking about house plants is always exciting! When it comes to bringing some fresh air indoor, house plant comes first. Not only serving good atmosphere, indoor house plants offer decorative touch to the interior. There are a lot of tropical house plants for indoor choices to opt for. The typical indoor house plants do not require too much sunlight; even they can survive with fluorescent light only. If you are about to bring some greens inside, here are the best choices to go.

Elephant’s ear is the most popular tropical plants indoor. This can grow into large size, moreover if you give regular treatment to the plant. Elephant’s ear has unique kind of leaves, with green arrow-shaped leaves combined with silver lines. Aside from its beauty, the reason to grow this plant indoor is the fact that they are easy to grow as well as to care. Not to mention they do not need too much water and light.

Who does not know anthurium? This popular house plant is also the best choice to grow indoor. Anthurium looks classy with their fresh green leaves to boost up the ambience of your space. Moreover, the bright flowers serve more beauty. However, it is not that easy to grow this plant. Anthurium requires extra care, unless you want this worthy plant looks pathetic in the corner of your room. It makes sense to find this plant is highly priced out there. Even though it is quite challenging to grow anthurium, it is worth your effort.

Bromeliads could probably be the easiest plant to grow indoor. This tropical epiphyte is quite easy to adapt with the pot environment. Not to mention how they are much tolerant compared to the other plants. No need to worry about tropical house plants care that is complicated and never ending since Bromeliads do not require you to do so. The other plant that is easy to grow is Bird of Paradise. This tropical flower comes with enchanting blue and orange combination. These two house plants are best for people who do not have much time to take care of plant.

Everybody knows palm tree. This highly popular tropical house plant seems to be suitable for any house. Palm trees become favorite choice with some reasons. First and foremost, there are many varieties of palm, allowing you to choose the best palm variety that suits your indoor. In addition, palm trees are also easy to grow both indoor and outdoor. Without too much treatment, they will grow healthy and happily in your house.

The last, you can say hello to cordyline. This tropical plant is pretty iconic to Hawaii. If you have ever visited Hawaii, you will understand how cordyline really represents the tropical atmosphere. This house plant comes in colorful and bold foliage plant. Thing that makes it more attractive is the various leaf colors to indulge your eyes. With proper treatment, this tropical plant will be the best decoration in your house. Among mentioned tropical house plants for indoor above, which one is your favorite?

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